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i come to you all from my apt in the city of Los Angeles.
this month has been crazy! so much traveling!

started out by going to Dallas tx for a book cover shoot.
then out to san fran to see my brother and my lil niece

then down to san diego to spend a couple days with my mother.
then off to Nashville Tn to see the wonderful Sondre Lerche & The Family Tree open up!

nashville was really fun. its always nice to see familiar faces and spend time with them.
i still love that city very much! i also ended up doing some shoots for the wonderful Amax Talent. 6 girls! stay tuned for those pics!

then it was off to New York City!
what can i say... so intense! there is so much to say about my time in the city.
Jase & Kp were my companions, such amazing individuals they are!

special thanks to New York Models & Adam NYC for there support and trust with their kids.
ended up doing a shoot with a couple guys. we had amazing wardrobe by Native Son who showed earlier in the week.
so excited to see the future for Kyle and the gang

so ya. it was a well worth trip. met a lot of great people.
made new memories and let go of old ones.

until next time.

love you all


ps. stay tuned for new photos! so many great ones!

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