life use to be so simple

we didnt have this thing called the internet.
we were forced to have real relationships and not befriend someone based upon material and physical things
looking back at old family photos i realized how simple life use to be.
everyone worked and enjoyed the simple life they had around them
now we keep moving place to place, needing the new and improved
going across the world thinking the one we need is somewhere way out there, when they just might be next door or in your recent calls

life is hard. life isnt simple anymore. life use to be about second chances, starting over, talking through things with your friends and the ones you love.
now we end relationships based upon what we read and hear online and if its to hard to be friends with someone then we give up and move on

we are at war with each other... why??

there is so much suffering around the world, but its not until that suffering becomes real in your own life that you begin to realize and analyze your life

im so happy and blessed i have the friends i have in my life
friends that are understanding, patient, loving but still keep me pursuing bigger and better things.
and helping me strive to become a better son of God

good luck with your life, i hope you make it




i cannot let you go

one of my favorite songs from Sondre new album



love with all your art | jonathan sargent

at REVO_LA this past sunday i did a live shoot with my creative team to demonstrate what we do.
here are the results of our shoot.

yes this was done in front of a lot of people... turned out great though!

styling by: raul guerrero

grooming by: sara wilson

REVO LA SHOOT (behind the scenes) from christian rios on Vimeo.


kevin | bmg

styling by raul gurrero



had a blast at REVO LA last night.
everything turned out great! thanks to everyone who came out and supported!

here is what my section looked like.



i will be showing some special pieces and doing a demonstration shoot with my creative team! COME!


love with all your art



Let's talk

Oh brother I can't, I can't get through
I've been trying hard to reach you
Cus I don't know what to do



Introducing: Cole

Cole / AMAX