edward = me

so today while on the online networking site they call facebook i decided to take the "which tim burton character are you" quiz

and thus was the result:

Edward Scissorhands.

You give the quote "nothing is what it seems" its real meaning! Beneath a falsely misleading appearance or first impression, yo...u have a heart of gold and value friendship more than many others, so much that you would isolate yourself in sacrifice of the best interests of someone you love. You deserve more than you get, but it takes time and effort knowing you for people to understand they have the real deal here. You are totally original although too idealistic, which makes it difficult for you to be understood.

i feel like thats so friggin true its crazy haha. wow



here is a new image of nicholas i came across
he is great, im excited to see what we create in the future

it will all get better in time...





trying to stay positive today.

had to make a new business card



song of the sad

my best friend jonathan wrote a song about me.

to me this is the best thing anyone could ever do for me.

i love music and i love my friends that write me songs

listen here



Untitled_011_ todays theme songs

Playlist August 20 2009


Survival In Special Areas | Jase Beard

model: jase beard / adam models

styling: raul guerrero



i wonder

currently listening to: kanye west

it just makes so much sense that im listening to kanye right now.
on thursday i went to see 500 Days of Summer by myself, what a crazy movie.
its as if they decided to put my life on blast or something. especially during days 400
when the little sister said "you are only looking at the good things..." it really hit me.

"I've been waiting on this my whole life
These dreams be waking me up at night
You say I think I'm never wrong
You know what, maybe you're right, aight"


The Evolution of Geoff Burns

model: geoff burns / wilhelmina

styling: raul guerrero



ive been trying to save this sinking ship for a while now

the storm has pushed it to the shore but all that is left are bits & pieces

i still find myself trying to put it together



this is Aaron.