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lots on my mind lately. this next month and a half will go down in the books for sure.

here are some more photos of Nicholas. the really fit the mood im in right now


nicholas gamez | ford models II

model: nicholas gamez

styling: raul guerrero

grooming: sara wilson

nicholas gamez | ford models

on saturday i did a shoot with Nicholas Gamez from Ford.

i must say i havent been this happy with a model in a long long time
here are 4 photos from the thousands i have to choose from

model: nicholas gamez

styling: raul guerrero

grooming: sara wilson


james preston

took some new photos of my buddy james, im really liking this one right now


i guess im floating

tonite me bryan, gospel girl, phillywickkk, danyew, kipley and others went to see M83
i mean... there cd is good but live... eh not so entertaining.
was fun hanging out though

just came across the best thing ever.
jonathans song was on the tv show Chuck a while back
check it out!


here we go

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sometimes, bridge decides to eff things up, but this time i kinda liked it

yes those are the new TOMS shoes brandon is wearing, cardones to be exact.
should be out this fall! love them!

sad that GG is over. the ending was alright, seemed like everyone was kinda tired though.
hopefully next season the madness picks up!




gathered in light

currently listening to: Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

model: matthew wordell

styling: raul guerrero

grooming: sara wilson / armando cabral



i never was i never

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last night me and J went to see mr Mat Kearney and the fantastic Keane!

such an amazing show.

we had fun dancing with ms molly jenson :)


me and blake met a new aussie friend
ladies and gentlemen pro surfer mr Paul Fisher



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"old enough to break a heart but not old enough to know" what a great lyric

here is a photo of brandon i took recently

paper route tonight with bryan




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well since mr wickham decided to post a photo on his blog
i will too.

get ready yall. this album is gonna blow yall freaking away.


catching the light

currently listening to: paper route - absence

im still loving these photos.

im sure you will be seeing a lot more from Tolland in the future here on the blog

GG was on last night. once again they leave us hanging for next week.
but still good. the whole crew is re-united and out to get that skank

ive been busy editing as usual but im so excited about this project im working on.

next month i will be traveling . im very excited to pack up my bags and head east...
good times to come


and the new Paper Route album is rediculousssssssss


save me

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ive been trying to write a new post for the past 3 days. i just dont know what to write anymore.
last night was pretty crazy. i was taking care of my brothers gf's dog and i went to open the door
and he ran out into the neighborhood... we spent 3 hours calling his name and couldnt find him.
we still cant find him :( max come home!!!!

in other news. this week has been pretty crazy... all good things except losing Max
one night i was so tired people thought i was drunk. but i seriously i was so dead tired!

tuesday. had 2 shoots then i went to see the beautiful Castledoor
they had their cd release show and it was so great to be able to celebrate it with them

video here

wednesday, i took some headshots for my friend Geoff. nice hanging with him

so now. im here back at home. doing lots of editing.
preparing myself to dig into the new wickham photos...