comforting sounds

currently listening to: ryan adams & the cardinals - follow the lights Ep - if i am a stranger

i am so beyond tired right now
but i wanted to share a photo from todays shoot
more to come later


pray it wont fade away

holy crap. this video gave me chillz like no other

nuf said

L thought u would enjoy this


Ian Høiland

so happy to have taken some photos of Ian before he went back to Denmark

its refreshing to take photos of a new face


much afraid

i miss my days of traveling.
maybe this summer i will get to slip away to somewhere north and cold.

found some photos from my time in korea.

Most of the times I got nothing to say
When I do it's nothing and nobody's there to listen anyway
I know I'm probably better off this way
I just listen to the voices on the TV 'til I'm tired
My eyes grow heavy and I fade away

Crooked on the outside, inside is caved
I taught myself how to grow old


lesson 2 - there are right ways to fight

currently listening to: jars of clay - all albums
today is a jars day. they always know whats going on.

sometimes. well most times. Gossip Girl hits way close to home.
last nights episode was by far one of the best.
it has left me in this crazy thinking mood today.

there will be liars and thieves who take from you


run run run away

currently listening to: yeah yeah yeahs - its blitz! - runaway

I was feeling sad
Can't help looking back
Highways flew by
Run, run, run away
Lost, lost, lost my mind
Want you to stay


cold desert - kings of leon

I'm on the corner waiting for a light to come on
that's when i know that you're alone
it's cold in the desert water never sees the ground
special ones walk on without sound

told me you love me, that i'd never die alone
hand over your heart let's go on
everyone knowed it everyone has seen the signs
i've always been known to cross lines

i never ever cried when i was feeling down
ive always been scared of the sound
jesus don't love me no-one ever carried my load
im too young to feel this old

nobody knows
nobody sees
nobody but me

black burning heart

currently listening to: keane - hopes and fears - we might as well be strangers

well its sunday, just another sunday of realization.
the moment i believe things are better i just get let down. again.
i wish i could cut and paste relationships

i had a really busy week. i didnt go to church today. i havent been to church in so long.
im not over Jesus, i just dont know where i fit.
it might just be all in my head but for now, i will just sit here and drink my wine.

spent sometime with bobby, here is a photo from out time together.


between heaven and earth

currently watching: Phil Wickham "heaven & earth" live @ horizon sd

watch it in Hq, i took this video with my new 5D Mark II ... lovin it

my buddy philly played an amazing show last night here in Sd
seriously. it was killllllller

we did his shoot for his new album earlier this week as well.
that was even more killer!

check back for those photos in a couple months

lata playas



boy / girl

currently listening to: death cab for cutie - narrow stairs - the ice is getting thinner

today im going into town to have some meetings and what not.
then going out to dinner with a friend
then back to my cave

took this photo a while ago, came out nice.

sometimes i miss nashville when i remember moments like this


ps. honesty can lead to disaster. but disaster is sometimes needed to live on.



currently listening to: ryan adams - follow the lights - dear john

hello world.

today has been a pretty good day.
i finally have my desk set up with all my hard drives and little toys all hooked up.
now if only i can get this dang high speed internet to be high speed...
ive been trying to keep myself as busy as possible.
its weird living in this town again, ive lived here all my life but yet i still feel like a stranger...
i never leave my house, if i do i go get coffee down the street or to get a salad at panera.
its like i live in my own rehab center, i have this crazy pool that i can just walk out to and its pretty dang nice
compared to my situation a month ago. im very blessed. now? ha

i miss some people.
some more than others. but it sucks when your closest friends get distant.
or those that you want in your life want nothing to do with you even though you do everything in your power for them
i have no idea where life will be in a year or even 6 months. things are changing constantly.
and changing very dramatically. at least for me they are.

some say im a very mean person. i use to just laugh about it
but im kinda thinking about it more, i know that my friends dont think i am, just people on the outside.
which i guess i should start caring more about?

anyways, more emo talk later yall

sometimes bands that i have shot in the past email me or in this case text me and ask me to send them a high res version of a photo.
usually its really annoying. but in this case, i love these dum babys.
i finally got around to pulling the photos up about an hour ago which was 2am so they might look a lil funny to me in the morning but whatever. i know that i for sure went a lil to far with this one...


goodnight dum babys



zacs pool party

currently listening to: radiohead - hail to the thief - 2+2=5 (the lukewarm)

zac and some friends made the funniest video ever
check it out


bryan aka joel

currently listening to: Jeff Buckley - Grace - Lover, You Should Have Come Over

today i awakened to a phone call from bryan aka joel
he came to my house and we chilled out
went to starbucks and tried to chat over the loud rustling streets of south sd

and i brought out the mamiya of course



Phil & Mallory Wickham

currently listening to: Bat for Lashes - Daniel

so last year my two really good friends decided to get married.
best thing ever.

these were their engagement pics we took.
i forgot all about them!!!
how?? best photos ever

here they are .


Geoff Burns | wilhelmina

currently listening to: Maria Taylor - Ladyluck - A Chance

i took a couple photos of Geoff last week during a shoot with the wonderful Tec Petaja
i stole him for a lil bit and shot a couple photos of him, turned out great

bobby wick | ford

me and bobby finally got around to shoot
great guy, hes gonna make it big

couldnt of done this shoot without
styling: Raul Guerrero
hair/make up: kirsten pate


hello again

currently listening to: Coldplay - X&Y - Talk

hello blog i have abandoned...
i will update you more often now i promise.
you guys might get tired of my non-sense but here you find what i am up to and the latest of my photos...

below this post you will find old photoshoots i have done that i feel need to be posted somewhere since they might not be on my website.

so goodbye for now

keep checking back soon...



went to lakeland florida for a few days
had an amazing time with these guys
i was stoaked to be able to work with them
ive been a fan for years

sondre lerche

sondre, well what can i say. im a fan.
one of my favorite persons ever, and probably one of the highlights of my career so far


my best friend Jonathan is starting this project
hes already had his songs on Gossip Girl and Chuck

love his face


james preston

had a really good time on this shoot.
great location, great subject, great people.

looking forward to my next shoot with him

more on the site

bryan mcmullin

oh bryan mcmullin

hes wearing Brian Lichtenberg tanks

matt klette

matt is also an up and coming actor in La
he has a great look

marco dapper

marco is an actor in La
hes been in a bunch of tv shows and movies
great guy!!!

brandon michael

brandon is a great friend of mine
always love getting to work with him
one of the most hard working models i know
hes just a great person all around

josiah hawley

josiah was also on "make me a supermodel" kinda
but not really. he was just in the ads and stuff but didnt make it to the actual show.
i dont know exactly what happen
but josiah has been one of my favorite models to shoot everr
hes just a radddd guy and looks great on cam

check him out