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hello world.

today has been a pretty good day.
i finally have my desk set up with all my hard drives and little toys all hooked up.
now if only i can get this dang high speed internet to be high speed...
ive been trying to keep myself as busy as possible.
its weird living in this town again, ive lived here all my life but yet i still feel like a stranger...
i never leave my house, if i do i go get coffee down the street or to get a salad at panera.
its like i live in my own rehab center, i have this crazy pool that i can just walk out to and its pretty dang nice
compared to my situation a month ago. im very blessed. now? ha

i miss some people.
some more than others. but it sucks when your closest friends get distant.
or those that you want in your life want nothing to do with you even though you do everything in your power for them
i have no idea where life will be in a year or even 6 months. things are changing constantly.
and changing very dramatically. at least for me they are.

some say im a very mean person. i use to just laugh about it
but im kinda thinking about it more, i know that my friends dont think i am, just people on the outside.
which i guess i should start caring more about?

anyways, more emo talk later yall

sometimes bands that i have shot in the past email me or in this case text me and ask me to send them a high res version of a photo.
usually its really annoying. but in this case, i love these dum babys.
i finally got around to pulling the photos up about an hour ago which was 2am so they might look a lil funny to me in the morning but whatever. i know that i for sure went a lil to far with this one...


goodnight dum babys


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swp said...

i actually like it for the most part. maybe a little less in the middle part though