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ive been trying to write a new post for the past 3 days. i just dont know what to write anymore.
last night was pretty crazy. i was taking care of my brothers gf's dog and i went to open the door
and he ran out into the neighborhood... we spent 3 hours calling his name and couldnt find him.
we still cant find him :( max come home!!!!

in other news. this week has been pretty crazy... all good things except losing Max
one night i was so tired people thought i was drunk. but i seriously i was so dead tired!

tuesday. had 2 shoots then i went to see the beautiful Castledoor
they had their cd release show and it was so great to be able to celebrate it with them

video here

wednesday, i took some headshots for my friend Geoff. nice hanging with him

so now. im here back at home. doing lots of editing.
preparing myself to dig into the new wickham photos...


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