im coming alive.

well. its been a while since ive written a blog cuz well. ya.
but today well tonight. im going to write.
for all of those who dont know, im in new york city and have been here for what seems forever.
just going to meetings and doing some testings. and hanging out at Times Square.
i know to some people times square is lame but for me its kinda inspiring...

there is lots i want to write, i dont know where to even begin. i have been learning so much here.
about myself. about my future. about other people. about people i should let go and ones to let in.
i see that i have been creating ideas & relationships into bigger things then they really are.
i need to let them go, for my sake. i need to let go of these things that have me blinded from whats true and good for me
so many people try to use me and im starting to see who those people are.
as much as it hurts and i see it as impossible to let them go. its a must
im excited to head back west later this summer and be around those who love me

but nonetheless thank you new york city for opening my eyes.

im coming alive.
opening my heart , taking whats inside and letting go

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